Kamil Drozd

Hiya, I am looking for a job as a junior frontend developer. I have one year of professional experience as a frontend developer, including a 6-month internship as a frontend developer.

My largest public project is tool Inventorin. I created this tool to learn English, Spanish and German simultaneously.



My favorite front-end framework is Vue.js. I also know templating systems like Nunjucks or Jinja. I use the Sass preprocessor. I love material design, that's why I know frameworks like Materialize and Vuetify very well.


My current stack is Node.js, the Express framework, Vue.js and the MongoDB database (MEVN). I'm learning Rust to be able to use it as my main programming language.


In my free time I learn the Flutter framework and the SQlite database. I'm trying to move from Express.js to Actix. I am interested in WebAssembly, I would like to use it in the future. I'm also interested in gamedev, so when I learn Rust, I get to know the Amethyst / GGEZ framework.

A few websites coded by me based on graphic designs

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